Welcome to THE Vandalia Brewery Blog!

Hey West Virginia beer-heads!  This is the new blog site for the up and coming Vandalia Brewery in Martinsburg, WV.  This site was recommended to me by a great old friend, so why not try it out?   This blog is being done by the former Brewmaster of Mountaineer Brewing Company in Martinsburg.

We are currently finalizing the business plan for the new brewery, then comes all the annoying paperwork and financing to get us rolling…er, BREWING of great new beer for the great state of West Virginia and beyond…

Keep up with us on Facebook under “Vandalia Brewery” and on Twitter under “Mountainbrew”

I will try to update this blog as we go forward, so keep an eye out 😉


Daniel Maerzluft

Brewmaster / Vice President, Vandalia Brewery



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2 responses to “Welcome to THE Vandalia Brewery Blog!

  1. Dave Webber

    So glad to hear the brewery will stay here in Martinsburg. Hope it is up and running soon. Just picked up a six pack of vandalia today.

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